Member News – September 24, 2013

AUGUST 2013 STR REPORT IS AVAILABLE ON THE MH&LA WEBSITE To view the report go to, click on Members - Statistics and Research and look for Maryland Monthly Statistics August 2013. NOTE: This report is provided as an MH&LA member service and requires member log in to access. For assistance with your member log in, contact ADA WORKPLACE ISSUES WEBINAR RECAP ALSO AVAILABLE ON THE MH&LA WEBSITE To access an audio recap and view all of the webinar handouts go to, select the "Legal, HR & Operations" dropdown from the MEMBERS heading and scroll down to the HR section. NOTE: This recap is also provided as an MH&LA member service and requires member log in to access. WEBINAR #2 ON WORKPLACE LABOR ISSUES IS NEXT UP Based on very positive reviews from participants on MH&LA's recent ADA workplace labor issues webinar, another labor law issues webinar focusing on compliance with exempt versus non-exempt employee classifications under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) will be held soon. Details to follow. STATE LOWERS REVENUE PROJECTIONS The State Board of Revenue Estimates now expects state revenue to be $15.33 billion for Fiscal Year 2014, which started on July 1.This is almost $62 million below earlier forecasts. Reasons given are the unemployment rate, reduced consumer spending and the possibility of a federal government shutdown. MH&LA IS A PLAYER IN POST LABOR DAY SCHOOL START DISCUSSIONS MH&LA has been invited to make a presentation at the next meeting of the State Task Force to Study a Post Labor Day Start Date for Maryland Public Schools. In the interim, MH&LA staff continues to facilitate efforts of an ad hoc work group to secure favorable recommendations from the Task Force. CHECKERED FLAG WAVED PERMANENTLY ON THE BALTIMORE GRAND PRIX Citing schedule conflicts with previously booked conventions, Orioles games, Ravens games, a Navy/Ohio State football game at M&T Stadium and other IndyCar/Le Mans racing events, the Baltimore Grand Prix has been cancelled for 2014 and 2015. Race organizers have virtually no hope it will return in 2016.

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