Member News – August 6, 2013

POST LABOR DAY SCHOOL START STUDY UPDATE Five individuals recommended by the Work Group assembled and managed by MH&LA have been appointed by the Governor to a Task Force to Study a Post Labor Day Start for Maryland Public Schools. The Task Force is expected to have their first meeting in mid September. FOOD ALLERGY FOOD SAFETY AND LETTER GRADING TASK FORCE STUDY UPDATE Congratulations to Katie Doherty who has been appointed by the Governor to serve as MH&LA's representative to a Task Force to Study Food Allergy Awareness, Food Safety and Food Service Letter Grading. The Task Force will have their first meeting on August 15. GOVERNMENT TRAVEL ADVISORY COMMITTEE MEETINGS UPDATE GSA's Government Travel Advisory Committee (GTAC) met last week to begin discussions on government travel policies and per diem methodology. Prior to the meetings, AH&LA sent a 3 page letter to GTAC members outlining lodging industry positions on these issues. For a copy of the letter contact COURT RULES THAT BARS CANNOT BE HELD LIABLE FOR DRUNKEN PATRONS The Maryland Court of Appeals has ruled that a bar cannot be held liable for intoxicated patrons after they leave. A majority ruled that such individuals are responsible for their own actions and the proper venue to create a "dram shop" law is the General Assembly. Bills to do so have failed in the last two sessions. CALL TO ACTION ON H-2B Legislation has been introduced in Congress blocking regulations that would make the H-2B program virtually unusable. Please contact your Representative in Washington and urge them to cosponsor H.R, 2765. Based on past grassroots efforts, Congress has blocked the new regulations for the last two years. NEW RESOURCE AVAILABLE ON HOSPITALITY SECURITY AND LOSS PREVENTION The American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute's Security and Loss Prevention Management, Third Edition, has been extensively revised with a more global focus while retaining "tried and true" loss prevention information and best practices. To order, contact Shelly Weir, CGSP at

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