4-22-20 Clarification on statewide Face Mask Requirement and Maryland Hotels

On April 15, 2020, Executive Order 20-04-15-01 was issued and requires the use of face coverings by employees and patrons in retail and food service establishments in Maryland.   We sought guidance from the State on whether or not this Executive Order applies to hotels .

Below is clarification received from the Maryland Attorney General’s office:

The Executive Order specifically addresses “Retail Establishments” and lists some representative businesses that fit in that category.  None of the listed businesses include hotels (i.e. “Food service Establishments”, and “Public Transportation” are listed).

Hotels are not retail nor are they food service per the definition in the Order.  If the Hotel has food service that sells food via carry-out, drive-through, or delivery, the Governor’s Executive Order would apply to the food service part alone.  If the Health Department determines that additional industries or businesses need masks, under the Local Health Officer Designation, these other businesses may be required to wear them. 

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